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"Stop Playing With Your Dreams!"
Speaker - Event Host - Coach
Global Missionary - Evangelist
Global DEI Speaker & Faciltator
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Programs and Services

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Do you want to build your cultural awareness?

Do you want to learn how to manage your implicit bias?

Do you desire to learn to conduct diversity workshops?

Do you desire to pursue a diversity leadership opportunity?

Do you need a diversity workshop delivered for your organization?

Contact us to schedule your session. 

Are you ready to build your speaking skills, speaking platform, and speaking confidence?

You will develop your speaking brand, speaking topics, speaking skills, and speaker sheet.  Speak Up!

Are you the go to person to teach others?

Are you a subject matter expert that often trains others?

Have you created a framework, methodology, or system that can help others?

Then it's time to launch your coaching and training program and monetize your knowledge!  

Rebrand Your Career
Bounce Back From A Layoff

Have you plateaued in your career? Are you ready to break the glass ceiling and go to the next level? Have you gone through a layoff? Do you need to improve your interviewing skills and build your career rebrand?

The Rebrand My Career Coaching program was developed just for you. It's time to rebrand your career and increase your value!

Launch Your Online Business, Course, & Masterclass

Do you have an idea to create a product or service and sell it online? Do you need to develop the branding, set up your online store, build your landing page or website, create your master, or build your sales and marketing funnel?  It's time to market your products and services.  It's time to launch! Click the link to learn more about the online launch program.




As a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Social Media Evangelist, Virtual Trainer, Career Coach, and Tech Coach, I started Freya Motivates to motivate and inspire influencers, career changers, ministry leaders, high performers, community leaders, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to find their purpose and use their God-given gifts to positively impact the world. When you seek God and His wisdom He is with you and He sets you up for success!

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