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I'm Freya, your motivation and inspiration Coach!

I launched Freya Motivates to motivate and inspire influencers, career changers, ministry leaders, high performers, community leaders, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to find their purpose and use their God-given gifts to impact the world positively.  When you seek God and His wisdom He is with you and He sets you up for success! 

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My Story

While going through four layoffs, make that five. I started FreyaMotivates to discover my purpose and it was more than just obtaining degrees and having a job.  Between the layoffs, I had to learn to survive and use my God-given talents to provide for my family.  

  • What have you been called to do?

  • Who have you been called to lead?

  • What deposits do you want to make into others?

  • What is your life's purpose and mission?



Motivate, inspire and help influencers package their knowledge by developing positive, encouraging and educational content to reach their audience through book writing, speaking, conducting workshops, entrepreneurship, course creation, knowledge sharing and marketing.  Influencers are able to monetize their knowledge and create an additional stream of income by creating products and services their client's need.

If you need a coach to help you develop your strategy to build your social media brand, build your workshops, market your business, grow your career, then let's set up a discovery call so I can learn more about your needs.  It's your season for favor and fulfillment.  Your gifts are necessary to impact the world in a positive way.  Let's connect and start your journey pursue your God-given passion with action!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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